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How to save a life from a digital print

The most important thing you can do for your loved one is to protect them from print, according to Dr. Mark J. Wehner, the chief medical officer for the National Library of Medicine.That’s because digital print technology makes it easier to save lives.We haven’t really done a great job in protecting the human body from […]

Which Android phone is best for your work commute?

Hacker News’ readers voted on the best smartphone for their commute, and we’ve picked the winner.Read on for our picks, and how you can save some time.1.OnePlus One (2016)With its premium build quality and premium camera, the OnePlus One is the best phone to use in your commute.However, it is a little too large for […]

Printing digital envelopes from scratch

Digital envelopes are one of the latest ways of storing and receiving data from an electronic device, but they can also be used to transmit information to other devices.The technology has recently been used to transfer data from a smartphone to a tablet, a device that has traditionally been used for reading and writing.This year’s […]