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What do you think of the Sony Pictures hack?

The Sony Pictures Hack is a massive breach of sensitive data that exposed personal information including emails, social security numbers, financial information, and personal medical information, according to a cybersecurity firm.Here’s a look at the major stories and what they mean for cybersecurity.The FBI says it found the breach on Oct. 10, which was two […]

What do digital screens look like?

Digital screens are used to create beautiful digital artworks for sale.They can also be used for marketing campaigns, as well as being used as a way to monitor health, mood, stress, and much more.They’re often sold at websites such as eBay, Amazon, and more.However, digital screens are also used to display digital content such as […]

How to Make Your Own Paperless Printing System

New York City-based digital printing giant Harlequin Digital has been selling paperless printers since its founding in 2014.But the company has been focusing its efforts on printing in the ultra-printable layer.“There’s no printing in there,” says Harlequins founder and CEO James Coughlin.“If you want to use a layer to print something, it’s in a layer, […]