When digital decals hit the streets

Digital decals have been everywhere since they were first made for Halloween, but the technology’s popularity has been a long time coming.Now, the digital decal print craze is coming to a close.A number of cities are set to shut down their print shops to end a practice called digital decaling, where artists are printing digital […]

The Lad bible: A2 Digital Printing

A2 digital printings are a new type of printing technology that are capable of printing out the bible on an iPad or iPhone.This new type is called A2D, which stands for “application to digital printing.”The Lad print works in the same way as digital printing and allows you to print the Bible on an iPhone […]

The Digital Print industry in a nutshell

Amsterdam, Netherlands — The digital print industry in the Netherlands is booming, but its future is unclear.The European Commission wants to protect the industry, and a draft directive aims to boost digital printing in the EU.But many industry stakeholders say the digital printing industry is in a bad spot.“We’re really worried about the future,” says […]

How the digital printing industry changed in 2017

New York City’s digital printing market has been on a steady march for more than a decade, according to a new report from the digital publishing research firm Digipen.But the company Digipens research, released Wednesday, paints a picture of a landscape that’s changing more quickly than most.Digital printing is now a bigger and more profitable […]