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How the digital printing industry changed in 2017

New York City’s digital printing market has been on a steady march for more than a decade, according to a new report from the digital publishing research firm Digipen.But the company Digipens research, released Wednesday, paints a picture of a landscape that’s changing more quickly than most.Digital printing is now a bigger and more profitable […]

How to Use the Harlequin Digital Print Shop

In the early 2000s, the print business was in dire straits.Many of the print shops that were still in business were in the middle of bankruptcy.Now, with a digital printing revolution, they were finally getting back on their feet.That meant that you could finally print whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it.But there was one […]

The Digital Heat Printers, The Big Picture

The digital heat printers are here and they are going to be an important part of the future of digital printing.The printers are designed to be small enough to fit in the pocket of a smartphone and are the most common use for them.But there is a whole field of technologies that can be used […]

How to print shirts in the digital age

A new generation of digital printers have come to dominate the industry.This article explains how to print your own shirts in just minutes, and how to choose the right shirt printer for your needs. Read more about shirts here: How to print a shirt in your own shirt printer.If you’d like to learn more about digital shirts, […]