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How to print shirts in the digital age

A new generation of digital printers have come to dominate the industry.This article explains how to print your own shirts in just minutes, and how to choose the right shirt printer for your needs. Read more about shirts here: How to print a shirt in your own shirt printer.If you’d like to learn more about digital shirts, […]

Fuse Prints’ latest range of prints is out now

FusePrints has announced its latest line of digital printing and printing materials, featuring the colour sunmicas colour range.The range will feature an array of prints and prints of various sizes, in a range of finishes, from the high quality matte and oil on glass to the more matte and high quality semi-gloss finishes.“This range will […]

Hackers get hold of print receipts from digital printers

Hacker News article The hacker group known as “The Dark Web” has stolen thousands of printer receipts from several different digital print dupatas, the hacker group “TheDarkWeb” has revealed.The group, also known as Dox-o-tron, published the leaked receipts on Twitter on Friday and is now circulating them on social media.The stolen receipts are dated between […]

How to print your own photo album and share it online

The digital printing revolution is finally here, and it’s finally here to stay.And now, it’s getting a bit more affordable.That means more creative minds are putting their money where their mouth is, buying digital image printers.These new printers have the potential to print a large amount of photos and video, which means they can be […]

How to print a comic book in one year

I recently received an email from a young man who had been reading the comics on his computer for months, and he’d just finished reading the last issue of Marvel’s Black Panther.He’d read it a hundred times, and was really enjoying it.He wanted to print out an actual copy of the issue, and said, “I’ll […]