New York, New York — It’s no secret that the selfie is a big deal.

We take selfies to show the world how great we are.

It can inspire us to keep doing what we love.

But it can also make us feel like we’re on the outside looking in, as we wait for a photographer to take a selfie.

What if, instead of a selfie, you could get a mug with a printed, digital copy of your favorite photo?

In a nutshell, the idea is to create a digital version of a traditional mug printed on paper.

And, since we already have a digital printer to print the paper version of the photo, the digital mug will look a lot like the printed one.

It’s called the Digital Mug, and it’s a new way to print photos in the digital world.

The mug, created by artist and designer Alex Parekh, will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, September 18th on the etsy site.

Parekh is using the digital printing process to create an art print for his own collection, titled “Digital Mugs,” as well as an original portrait by American painter George Cukor.

There is no release date yet, but the mug will be a limited edition.

The digital version is a unique design, but not a new design.

In 2014, Parek published a printable digital version for a digital printshop, which was discontinued in 2016.

However, Perekh is working on a new printable mug, with a new digital ink, for a 2016 collection of his paintings called “Digital Poses,” which will also be available through the e-commerce platform Etsy.

With the new digital mug, Paresh says the printable version will be more accessible for the masses.

“With this new digital version, people will be able to print their photos and take a digital mug of the painting they want,” he says.

Parek’s digital mug has the following features:Digital ink on the back.

Digital printing on the side.

Printing on the front.

Folds out to fit your mug.

Perekh’s digital mugs will also have the following characteristics:Digital print on the sides.

Digital printing with printed, ink on both sides.

Paresh’s mug will come in a set of four, with each print-ready version costing $30.