Posted January 04, 2019 07:05:42A new study has found that even a basic web design can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of digital advertising as users are less likely to click on ads.

The study was conducted by AdWords researchers, with the results being published today by the ad agency, Digital Marketing Intelligence.

The research found that consumers were more likely to take a page from the advertising industry’s playbook, opting for a black and white or no ads instead of a variety of different images and ads that had different typography, color or shapes.

As a result, the study found that those who bought a lot of advertising would spend less time reading ads and instead rely on the ads to help their online experience.

The researchers said that it was important to note that the data is just a small sample of ads.

Advertisers are still using different types of ads, the authors wrote.

However, they added that they believed that the findings showed that the traditional ads used in digital ads are not helping to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of online ads.

“The findings of this study suggest that even the simplest web design is not a great idea for a digital advertising campaign,” said lead researcher, Sarah Peebles.

“Advertisers have to learn how to optimize for different audiences.

They need to know that their ads are more effective when seen differently, and that is an expensive mistake.”

This research suggests that consumers are more likely than ever to choose to see ads differently, even when they are the most important part of their experience,” she added.”

For the most part, consumers are not going to pay more than a few dollars for an ad that is a good idea to show.

But they are not willing to pay $3 to see a few ads that are a poor idea to display.

“The study also found that users were less likely than before to click through to the ads that the advertising agency was recommending, and this made the ads less effective as they would have been unable to do so.

While users may not like seeing ads that were clearly different, the researchers said this could be because of the increasing complexity of their lives, which they attributed to the internet.”

As the technology continues to advance, more users are choosing to interact with their ads by using multiple screens and devices.

But consumers still need to pay for these ads, and advertisers need to understand this,” said Peels.

The report added that while it was not the first to find a correlation between internet use and advertising effectiveness, the results suggested that the issue is much more complex than previously thought.”

Digital advertising is a booming business for companies such as digital ad agency Digital Marketing Agency.”

Advertiser needs to be aware of this potential weakness and ensure that their advertising efforts are more targeted.”

Digital advertising is a booming business for companies such as digital ad agency Digital Marketing Agency.

Advertising agency, the AdWords team has been in charge of advertising in digital media since its founding in 2013, but its role in digital advertising has grown significantly over the past two years.

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