New York City-based digital printing giant Harlequin Digital has been selling paperless printers since its founding in 2014.

But the company has been focusing its efforts on printing in the ultra-printable layer.

“There’s no printing in there,” says Harlequins founder and CEO James Coughlin.

“If you want to use a layer to print something, it’s in a layer, and there’s no way to get that out.

So we’ve kind of been focusing on that.”

The company’s printer is the Harlequein Paperless 3D printer.

Coughlins current focus is on the ultraprintable, so he says he’s working on new printer designs to add to its portfolio.

“I think the paperless printing is really important,” he says.

“Paperless printing means you can print in a lot of different types of materials and colors.”

Harlequer also has a line of high-end printers called the Harlein Inkjet, which Coughlen says is designed to produce 3D-printed objects.

“We really do have the ability to go to that level of customization,” he said.

The Harleqin Paperprinter can print with either a 1:1 or a 1-to-1 printer relationship.

The printer itself is made of plastic and is lightweight and thin.

It can print out a range of materials, from paper to acrylic to metal, Coughlyn says.

Harlequet’s print-at-home service is available for $49.95 a month for a single printer or $199.95 for a pair.

There’s also an online version for $59.95.

The company offers free shipping for the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

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