Digital printing needs “to be at the top of the agenda” in digital manufacturing, the Prime Minister said at a panel discussion on the future of digital printing.

“We will not be able to print in India in 10 years.

We will not do it in 10 or 20 years,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said he would soon release the roadmap for Digital Printing.

“I have the plans in place.

Digital printing will come up to the top,” he added.

The PM was addressing a digital printing company panel discussion organised by the Bharatiya Digital Media Development Corporation.

Digital printing is a field of technology that relies on digital technology, such as the use of 3D printers and the internet to produce a print on demand.

A digital printing service is one where digital technology can be used to print a product, like a t-shirt, a smartphone or a digital clock, according to the Digital Marketing Association of India (DMEI).

The Digital Marketing Alliance of India also has an initiative called “Digital Printing for India” which aims to bring the printing of digital products, including smartphones and tablets, to India by 2021.

On Thursday, the Indian government launched the Digital Printing for Innovation (DPI) programme, which aims at digitising the printing industry.

With the DPI programme, the government is also launching a “Digital Manufacturing Fund” which will be set up by the Centre to help manufacturers in digital printing in the country.

Digital printing services like the digital clock have been widely used in India, with many digital clock makers making products to sell through online outlets.