Microsoft’s new digital heat printer and digital print wrapping technology will be available to employees starting next month.

The new printing technology is designed to speed up the process of digital work and reduce the amount of paper required to make an image.

Microsoft will offer the new technology to its employees as part of a new program to simplify their workflow and boost productivity.

Microsoft’s newly announced Digital Heat Printing and Printing Technology Program offers free or low-cost printing services for up to six months, Microsoft says.

Microsoft is partnering with Xerox, which will offer printing and digital printing services through its online services for one year.

The program also includes the company’s digital heat and ink printer, which Microsoft says will be in use by Microsoft’s employees starting January 1.

The printer’s price tag is $5,500, and its only one of many new features that Microsoft will be offering in January.

The printing technology, which comes with a 30-day free trial, allows users to print images up to 20 times in a single print.

The company also plans to offer a range of digital tools to employees, including an app that allows employees to make their own PDFs, a tool to quickly save and share their PDFs and an online document editor.

The Microsoft Digital Printing Technology program, which also offers a one-year free trial of the digital heat printing service, includes free or very low-price printing services.

It also offers digital heat for up as little as $2 a page, but costs $3.99 per page for printing documents larger than 500KB.

The Redmond, Washington-based company is also rolling out a new app for its employees, which it says will let employees take control of their digital workflows.

Microsoft said the new digital print products will also be available at its Microsoft Digital HeatPrinting Service, which is designed for use with Microsoft’s online printing service for one-month, Microsoft said.

Microsoft says the printing technology will not only reduce the number of sheets required to print an image, but will also reduce the overall size of a document.

Microsoft also announced its new printing services will be coming to Microsoft’s Bing web portal starting Jan. 1, as well.

Microsoft has been a leader in the printing and printing technology market for years.

The tech giant was the first to offer digital heat, which the company developed to help printers print large images faster.

Microsoft introduced its first printing service in 2014 and has since expanded the technology to digital ink, paper and other printing materials.

Microsoft previously launched a digital ink and paper service, and now it will be rolling out its own ink-based printer to compete with competitors.