The digital comic book printing industry is in its infancy, and its not exactly the most glamorous industry on the planet.

But in an age of mobile devices and the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the industry is seeing a resurgence in its digital printing services, and that has a lot to do with the growing popularity of digital comics.

This is why I am excited to be sharing with you some of the best digital printable covers from the early days of the industry, and some of those cover designs that were the subject of my last post.

The goal here is to offer some of your favourite digital printables from the 1970s to present day, with some great examples of some of my personal favourites from those decades.

These covers were designed with the goal of creating something that looks digital and feels like an original comic book, with minimal print or digital manipulation.

So grab a copy of my first comic book cover (pictured above) and see if you can find your favourite covers in the digital print era.

The comic book industry as we know it Today I want to share with you the early digital print cover designs for a few of the most popular comics, and how they are still being used today.

Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds of Prey (1974) A couple of years ago, the digital comic industry saw a big boom in digital printing.

There were some incredible printable comics out there, and for the most part, they were excellent – particularly for those days when you had a limited print run of the comic books available for download.

However, some of these early digital comics were a little different to what we see today, with them being printed on high-quality paper and having a lot of art and layout.

That’s why I’m sharing some of Alfred Hitchcock’s earliest printable designs with you here.

These were printed on heavyweight paper (about 6 x 7 inches), with a glossy finish that made them look great and make the digital printing process a lot easier.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of Hitchcock’s other prints on posters and t-shirts, and even the cover art for the classic The Birds Of Prey movie.

However, these early printables had a lot more than just a great look, and they had the power to change the digital publishing industry forever.

In 1970, the print shop of the artist Alfred Hitchcock was one of the last to see a rise in popularity, and the print shops of the day were largely made up of small independent publishers, who were struggling financially.

Hitchcock’s prints had a number of unique features.

They had a very clean, simple, yet high quality print design, with a large print on black cover.

These prints were made by a large company called Art Department, which was owned by his wife and a number other people, including the famous American cartoonist Charles Schulz.

Charles Schulz and Alfred Hitchcock were both extremely talented cartoonists, and were renowned for their illustrations and art style. 

One of Hitchcock and Schulz’s prints, called “The Birds Of Prey”, was used in the film The Birds of Fury, starring Cary Grant. 

It was a print of a large, black and white drawing of a bird with a human face on it, which featured a series of different illustrations.

As you can see, the large black and yellow color scheme is used on the print above, with the white background showing off the quality of the print.

It’s interesting to note that the print was a one-off, and not a standard print, as you can easily see in the print on the left, above. 

Schulz was very happy to get the job done, and he even hired his own team to do the print, and it was the first time that he would use a digital print, in any format.

This print, which had the printshop’s name on it and was made for Schulz, was actually a two-page print.

It’s printed on a very thick, heavy black paper, with high-resolution art.

Schulz even made sure to include a black-and-white reproduction of the illustration, to show off his new work.

I’d love to have the print in my collection, but the quality is just too good to pass up.

Also of note, is the fact that the cover of the film, with its big black and blue print on a black background, has a unique, and very iconic look to it.

It has a black frame, and a small bird on it. 

That’s because it was an original design by Charles Schutz, created for the film’s original poster.

This design has gone on to be used on poster designs, posters and other posters that have become iconic in the comic book world. 

The cover of The Birds of Preid was a completely different thing altogether, and