Amprint is the nation’s largest printer of printed paper, and has been using a printing technology known as inkjet printing for many years.

However, a new patent filing from Apple, filed today, shows how Amprint has been working on an inkjet printer capable of producing images on its own, as well as on paper that’s been printed by other companies.

The patent shows that the company is already working on a “smart inkjet” inkjet, and could eventually be able to make inkjet prints that are as accurate as the inkjet ink used in iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones.

It also shows how a similar inkjet technology could be used for other applications, such as building sensors for smart eyewear, and to make printers for the manufacture of glasses.

Apple is currently working on its “Apple Watch,” and its “iPhone 7” could potentially be used to print the image on the device, as the “smart” ink is able to accurately capture details that are not captured by a traditional inkjet.

The ink would be made from a solvent that has a very high UV and infrared absorption, and would therefore be able do much better than a traditional printer, which can only print on paper.

Apple’s patent filing also shows that Apple could be able build the technology in a matter of weeks, and that it would cost less than $1,000.

The Apple Watch is due to be released in April and is expected to cost about $600.