Digital printing is a relatively new form of art and printing, with the digital world having become the latest frontier for the medium.

But as digital printers have become a more common sight, some artists and journalists have been left wondering how to adapt their work to it.

Zoe Digital, a digital printing company in Amsterdam, is using a series of custom printed designs for a series called ‘Zoe’ – and is hoping to create a new digital form of expression for artists, bloggers and other creatives who want to explore their art in digital mediums.ZOE Digital prints a custom print for the ‘Zoes’ book collectionZOE Prints custom printed prints for Zoe’s book collection in AmsterdamZOE has been working with a digital artist to print custom printed covers for their book collection.

The book was originally published in the Netherlands in January 2016 and will be available in November 2019.

In addition to the cover, the book will have a custom printed interior, which will be printed with a high quality, 100% recycled material.

In the book, Zoe and her friends are joined by a photographer and writer named Benoit de Boer, and a photographer named Rohan Kaur.ZOEPER was one of the first digital publications to launch a digital magazine and to print digital versions of their art.

It became a platform for artists to share their artworks, and it has since gone on to sell over 1.4 million copies worldwide.

It is also one of those rare printable digital books that is entirely self-published, meaning Zoe is not a publisher or publisher’s representative.

The book is not sold through the internet.

Instead, Zoe has partnered with Benoit, a photographer, writer and editor based in France, who created the cover art.

Benoit has also printed the book with a custom-printed cover for the Zoe Digital book collection and has printed custom printed images for other Zoe prints as well.

The artist has also partnered with Zoe Digital, who are currently using Zoe Digital’s printers to print the custom printed art.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Zoe Digital director, Naeem Ghazali, explained the process behind the digital book.

She explained that the design process of Zoe’s project is a little different to that of her other work.

Instead of working with traditional book publishers, she wanted to take a more collaborative approach with Zoe.

The Zoe Digital website is where the book is currently being printed, which means that the book cover has to be digitally printed and sent to the artist and publisher before it can be printed and shipped.

The design process for Zoe Digital is very much based on the book as a whole, but the design of the book has changed.

Ghazari said that the focus is more on the illustrations rather than the book itself.

“In Zoe’s case, we’ve always been about the book.

But in Zoe’s first book, she took on this more experimental approach to her art, which is something that she is passionate about,” she said.

Zoes books were originally published through a print run of 500,000 copies.

That run was cut to about 250,000.

“The book had a really high level of quality and we’ve printed the whole book,” Ghazati said.

“But the book had this low level of print run, which was very important to Zoe, because it meant that the volume was not really accessible to the general public.”

ZoeDigital has printed around 200,000 books in total, and Ghaziri said that they have had about 300,000 downloads of the Zoe books.

The team at Zoe Digital hope to increase their print run and print more Zoe books in the future.

The books are available for purchase on Zoe’s website.