In the early 2000s, the print business was in dire straits.

Many of the print shops that were still in business were in the middle of bankruptcy.

Now, with a digital printing revolution, they were finally getting back on their feet.

That meant that you could finally print whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it.

But there was one problem: the digital prints you bought online were often not as crisp as the print shop you bought them at.

And that was what Harlequins digital print shop was designed to fix.

Harleq is an online shop that offers digital printing at an affordable price, with the option to buy the print in-person at a store, or download the print to your computer and print out at home.

The print shop is currently accepting digital print orders and is expanding to other locations, including online retailers and physical bookstores.

But the printshop’s most important feature is that it’s totally automated.

“We use a system called Harleqa that’s sort of a combination of a cloud, a machine learning engine and a big data analytics tool called Harbinger that helps us identify what we’re printing, and then we have to go through the whole process of printing it,” says co-founder and CEO Matt DeMarco.

The system, Harleqi, is the result of a partnership between Harlequeen, a company that builds and sells printers, and HarleQ, which is a start-up company based in London that DeMarco co-founded with fellow London-based business-minded entrepreneur, J.B. Green.

Harq was founded by DeMarco and Green to help digital-printing businesses compete against traditional print shops.

But when Harleqs digital print order process was introduced in early 2018, it was quickly picked up by publishers and retailers across the world.

The shop’s print quality has since improved significantly, with more than 2 million digital prints sold, DeMarco says.

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