Fox Sports’ Digital offset printing company Digital Media Technology (DMT) has unveiled the first digital offset printer for the Apple iPhone.

It was designed to offer a “high-quality, flexible and cost-effective option for the mass market that will appeal to all segments of the iPhone consumer” with a range of pricing options from $49.99 to $129.99, the company said in a press release. 

The company has released its first printable iPhone offset printer to coincide with the company’s iOS 10 release.

DMT’s offset printer can be used to print the iPhone’s Home Button, Home Bar, Home Button Home and Home Screen images and icons, and can also print the new iPhone’s text and logo. 

DMT said that Apple’s Home button and Home Bar are both the most used buttons in the smartphone ecosystem.

The company also said that it is now the only offset printer available in the US that prints Home and Back buttons and icons. 

iPhone users can now print Home, Back and Lock buttons and the new Home screen. 

“We were really excited to see the success of the offset printing for Apple’s iPhone in a market that’s largely still a mobile first world,” DMT CEO and co-founder John Meckel said in the company blog.

“With the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we are seeing more people switching to a mobile phone over their desktop PC or laptop for their most important features.

We’re excited to be able to offer offset printing of the most popular buttons and icon sets on the most important phone in the world.” 

DMG said that iPhone users who want to print Home Bar and Home Button can print them with a standard desktop offset printer and then save the images and text to a file on a mobile device. 

Users can also use DMT offset printers to print text and icons on a computer and send them to a printer. 

In addition to its home button printing service, DMT said it has also added a new digital offset print service called “Digital Print.”

DMT will offer a range with pricing starting at $49 per printable and up to $149 per print.

The new service will allow users to print out a Home, Lock and Back bar, as well as Home Bar images and Home bar text. 

As part of the launch, DMG will also introduce an iPhone 8, 8 Plus and 9 Plus offset printer, which will have the same options for iPhone 7, 7 Plus and iPhone 9 users as its predecessor.

DMG is currently offering offset printing on all of its products, including its Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, MacBook, iPhone and iPod touch. 

Apple’s new iPhone offset printing service will be available to iPhone and iPad users who pre-order the new device.

Customers can register for the offset service by signing up on