A new generation of digital printers have come to dominate the industry.

This article explains how to print your own shirts in just minutes, and how to choose the right shirt printer for your needs. 

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How to Choose the Right Shirt PrinterFor the first time in our shop, we’ve created a section dedicated to shirts printed in the latest printers.

We’re not the only ones to be printing shirts in this way, and you’ll find a wealth of other shirts printed by our friendly customers, too.

We’ve listed all the shirt printers in our site and in our store, so you can quickly find the one that best fits your needs, and make sure that your shirt fits and looks great. 

Here’s a quick guide on selecting the right printer:1.

Choose a printer that’s designed to print the same shirt multiple times, or print the shirt in one print.

If you need to print multiple shirts, or you’d prefer a single shirt printed on the same print, pick one that can print more shirts. 


Make sure your printer can print at least one printable size for each shirt, and can print all the shirts at once. 


Choose one of the printing options that can handle all your printing needs, whether that’s single shirts, multiple shirts or both. 


Choose an image you like, and set it as your background on the shirt. 


Select the “Print” option, and then the “Paste” option to add the printed image to your print. 


Choose “Print at home” to print on your desktop or mobile device, or “Print and Print at Home” for a larger printout. 


Choose the “Save Print to Web” option if you’d rather save the printed images on your computer or share them with friends. 


Select a printable shirt size, or pick a shirt size you like. 


Select your shirt size from the “Small”, “Medium” or “Large” options. 


Select “Print on the Spot” to automatically print a single or multiple shirts.