FusePrints has announced its latest line of digital printing and printing materials, featuring the colour sunmicas colour range.

The range will feature an array of prints and prints of various sizes, in a range of finishes, from the high quality matte and oil on glass to the more matte and high quality semi-gloss finishes.

“This range will be available from April 2018,” the company said.

“Each print is made to order using our proprietary technology, with each print being created using a unique process and a unique laser cutting technology.

This creates a print that is unique and highly prized by collectors.

We are offering this range to all of our customers.”

In the future, the company is also offering prints in a wide range of formats, including 3D, 4D and colour film prints, which will all be printed in the UK using the latest printing processes, such as laser cutting.

“FusePrint has a long history in printing and print services, and we are proud to offer our customers our best digital printing services to meet their printing needs in the future,” said CEO Daniel Loughlin.

“Our digital printing service is designed to ensure that our customers can have a high quality digital print of any print that they wish, regardless of its colour, type or format.”

Fuse is a division of the US digital printing company Fuse, which also makes a range at Fine Print.

Fuse prints in the US have long been the most popular digital print option in the market, with a range that has been sold out.

Fused prints are typically more expensive than traditional prints due to the need to print each piece individually.