A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to create a “Hail Mam”, a rally of thousands of people to demand an end to cow slaughter in the capital, Delhi has already seen a surge in civic rallies.

Key points:The first mass event in the city of more than 50 million is expected to be on Saturday to call for a ban on the slaughter of cows for foodThe protest, expected to draw about 50,000 people, will be followed by a large gathering on Sunday, expected in the middle of the day.(Reuters photo: Ramesh Chatterjee)Organisers say the event will be attended by more than 20,000, mostly young people, with an estimated turnout of 15,000-20,000.

It is the first mass-demonstration in Delhi in a decade.(Reuters Photo: Ramez Naimi)In addition to a protest march and a rally on Sunday in the centre of the city, there will also be other rallies across the city.

On Friday, Prime Minister Modi said that his government would create a committee to review the government’s plan to ban the slaughter and sale of cows and bullocks for food in the country.(Reuters pic: Ravi Shankar)”We are also going to create an advisory committee to ensure that all citizens can join the protests.

We are also preparing for a rally at the centre on Saturday and a larger rally on Monday,” Modi said on Friday.

The government is also planning a rally in front of the parliament building on Sunday to mark the 100th anniversary of India’s independence.

This will be the first time that such a large mass protest has taken place in the Indian capital since the 1970s.

However, the protest movement is not the first one in the nation’s capital.

Last year, thousands of protesters marched on the government headquarters in Delhi to demand the release of two activists who were imprisoned on political charges.(Reuters: Aishwarya Prabhakar)Demonstrators on Thursday also marched through the heart of the capital to demand a ban against cow slaughter.

The rally was held in the early hours of the morning, and was attended by a few hundred people.(Reuters image: ANI)Meanwhile, in another development on Friday, the Indian Railways, the nation, announced that a total of 1,500 coaches of all types would be made available for rail passengers to take to their destinations across the country from October 30.

The rail ministry said that the trains will be used to deliver passengers to their intended destination and that the money spent on each train would be donated to the National Animal Husbandry Fund.(Reuters)On Friday morning, Prime Ministers office also announced that the railway ministry would be providing free Wi-Fi at all railway stations, with a limit of 10 per cent.