I have a design I want to make.

I’m going to print out all of the information I want for this pin and glue it onto the front of a coffee cup.

I’ll use a marker to mark the location of each pin, and a pen to write down what information I’m wanting to print.

Then I’ll write the text on a piece of paper and attach it to the front.

I’ll cut the pin out of paper I already have on hand.

I’ve done this a few times before, so I know how to cut out the paper.

The last step is to glue the paper to the back of the coffee cup so the pin can sit properly in the cup.

I used a pen, a sharpie, and some staples.

I took care to make sure the paper was as thick as possible.

The paper is the only thing holding it together.

It’s very important to have a strong glue, as the pins will flex and break easily if they’re not glued.

I just used a bit of cheap paper to glue them together.

The best part is that once they’re all glued together, they’re completely self-supporting.

I can attach the coffee cups back to the wall with the paper in place, and they’re super easy to move around.

I could probably do this with just a few paper clips, but I’ve found that the tape is a much better option.

Here’s the finished design.

And here’s how it looks when you’ve attached the cups back together.

There are two different ways to attach the cups.

You can attach them with a piece or a chain.

I don’t recommend attaching them with the chain, as they can bend.

I like the idea of the cups as a puzzle piece that sits in the holder, and when I’m done, it’s the perfect puzzle piece for hanging.