This is part one of a two-part series exploring the use of digital prints in sport.

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Read moreDigital prints are widely used in sport and many sportswear companies have been known to use them on apparel, t-shirts and hats.

While they’re not usually used as a final design before manufacture, the prints can be used to improve the look of garments and enhance the brand.

Digital prints can also be used in fashion and other media.

In 2016, Adidas used a digital print on a T-shirt that was used to promote the brand’s line of men’s sportswears.

Adidas said the print was an homage to Adidas founder Adnan Khashoggi.

The digital print used on the Adidas T-shirts had the same colour scheme as Adidas’s men’s football team.

Adidas also used a print on the same design on its womens football kit, which was a nod to the sportswamp. 

A number of sports apparel companies have used digital prints, but Adidas is the only major sports apparel company to have a digital design on the shirts.

“The design on these shirts is a homage to the Adidas founder, Adnan Khan,” Adidas’ senior vice president of digital marketing, Adrian Hlavat, told the BBC.

“We wanted to show our fans that the brand has been around for years, so we created this homage to that legacy.”

Adidas has also used digital printing on a range of other garments, including a number of Adidas sneakers, shirts and bags. 

“We have used a variety of print styles, from a simple black and white print on some of our products to more modern prints,” Adidas said. 

Adidas also printed on the logo on a football shirt and the logo in the shape of a heart on a jacket. 

Other sports apparel firms have used the print on T-Shirts, but most notably, Nike used the digital print in the form of a logo.

“Adidas is always looking to create new, original ways to create and sell products and products with the utmost integrity,” Nike told the ABC.

“A digital print can be a unique and original way to showcase the brands identity, which we believe is an important aspect of the brand.”

Ads commercial and marketing director, Adam Purdon, said digital prints were also used on Tote bags.

“It is an iconic product that is synonymous with the brand and is a way to represent the company’s unique identity and brand heritage,” Purdons statement said.

“While some of the print designs may look a little bit odd to some, the design is a simple, clean design that has a simple and clear look.”

Adrian Hlavats statement added that Adidas had recently launched a new digital print with a design that resembled the design of the Adidas logo. 

The Adidas Tote is one of the brands most famous products and is often used to celebrate the team.