Month: July 2021

Which is better for your business?

Digital printed napkin or digital printed napker?What is the difference between them?What are the pros and cons?We’re joined by our resident digital printed nerd, Nate, to discuss the pros of digital printed paper and the cons of using digital printed laminate.If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes […]

When the ink is dry, you need a print shop

When you’ve finally been able to get your hands on a high-quality, well-priced inkjet printing device, it’s time to make the leap into the digital printing business.Whether it’s printing books or movies or art, you can print from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and you can use any printer, not just those of the big-name […]

How to print your own custom logo

Digital invitations are a popular way to share your love for your favourite team, and for a reason.A team can now have their own unique logo.With the advent of 3D printing, the world is set to have an explosion in customisation possibilities.And as such, it’s no wonder that we’re excited to see this new technology.We […]

How to print shirts in the digital age

A new generation of digital printers have come to dominate the industry.This article explains how to print your own shirts in just minutes, and how to choose the right shirt printer for your needs. Read more about shirts here: How to print a shirt in your own shirt printer.If you’d like to learn more about digital shirts, […]